NBA Tickets
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional league of 30 teams across North America who play at the highest level and feature the world’s greatest basketball players. The NBA season begins in late October and finishes in April each year. The top eight teams in each conference face each other in the post season. Teams are given a preliminary ranking and seeded in a specific spot in order of how likely they are to win. Seed No.1 plays No.8 in the first round, No.2 vs No.7 and so forth. A best-of-seven series is featured in each round with two games at the top seed’s home court, two at the lower seed’s home turf and then back and forth one game at a time. The winners of each conference meet in the best-of-seven finals. Expect a fast paced, white-knuckle experience watching basketball, with some of the tallest and most athletic sportspeople you’ll ever see! The NBA is a great show and should not be missed as part of a great American experience.

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