See some of our customer feedback – from travel agents and travellers alike!


You have been so helpful. We can’t thank you enough.

It’s so good to receive amazing customer service.

Kayla (Traveller)


Thanks so much for your call to explain this! We have all just had a play with the site and we all LOVE it!

I love that it also includes things such as Formula 1 and the Red Bull Air Race too!  I am very certain this will come in handy in the future!

Hayley (Agent)


I’m super appreciative of the extra effort you have gone to.

Nicole (Traveller)


Only wished I had used you on another lot of US tickets that I have booked with [another site] as I am still waiting for their information and it is quite frustrating.

You will definitely be my go to for tickets from now one. The process has been so much easier.

Elizabeth (Agent)


Thanks so much for everything, I really appreciate all the work you’ve done so far so I can’t thank you enough.

Oliver (Agent)


Hi Mel, thanks heaps you were so helpful on the phone.

Hannah (Agent)


This is awesome, thanks Ben. I will forward out to all our consultants. Looking forward to dealing with ussportstickets.

Sally (Agent)


Thank you so much for your email, great service!!!

Radek (Traveller)


Thank you for the information you have provided – this is excellent.

Joy (Agent)


The order all went through fine and this was super easy – I will be using this site for any tickets from now.

Very happy that we found this! I will forward this info on to my colleagues as well.

Clare (Agent)


I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with getting the tickets … Really appreciate it.

Jessie (Traveller)


I will certainly be booking with you again, as will all the girls in the office.

Paula (Agent)


Oh wow that’s awesome! FYI, you guys are really easy to deal with.

Tayla (Agent)


We had a brilliant afternoon at the baseball. All in all brilliant!

Thanks for all your help.

Melinda (Traveller)


Thanks a lot. Very helpful info… This is SOO easy…

James (Agent)


Thanks again, you’re amazing!

Katie (Agent)


Thanks Ben, you have been fantastic & I felt very confident working with you.

Rowena (Agent)


Hi Melissa, thank you very much for the information you have provided for me.

You have certainly gone to a lot of effort.

Mick (Traveller)


Just thought I would let you know all is good.

Presently watching the game. Great seats. Thank you.

Don (Traveller)


Mel, you’re amazing! Thank you so much – love your work.

Jamie (Agent)


Sincere thanks for all of your emails and assistance.

Craig (Traveller)


The service has been great.

Jarryd (Traveller)


Thanks so much, you’ve been wonderful to deal with.

Bec (Agent)


Thank you so much … you have been amazing.

Kelly (Agent)


For my first experience with ussportstickets, I’ve been very impressed….so thank you!

Donna (Agent)


Thanks very much for your prompt service, you’ve been great to deal with!

Aleisha (Agent)

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