Sports in Dallas, Texas

By Jul 31, 2017 2:46 AM

They say “Everything’s bigger in Texas” for a reason – the weather is hot, the food is rich, and the sports stadiums are massive. The biggest team in the U.S.’s biggest sport, American football, plays in Dallas, Texas (the team being the Dallas Cowboys). If you’re buying U.S. sports tickets, don’t miss out on the Texas sports experience.

NFL Tickets: Dallas Cowboys in AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are known as “America’s team,” and though many football fans would dispute that label, it’s undeniable that the team is iconic, larger-than-life, flashy, and constantly in the news for reasons both positive and negative – just like American football in general and the NFL in particular. The team is consistently good (partially due to the constant demand for greatness from the large fanbase), so Dallas Cowboys tickets are what you want for a real dose of the NFL at its best.

Known as “Jerry’s World” in reference to the Cowboys’ wealthy and larger-than-life owner, Jerry Jones, AT&T Stadium is a simply massive state-of-the-art stadium located outside Dallas proper in nearby Arlington, but within easy driving distance. The stadium features HD video screens nearly as large as the field of play, a retractable roof, seating for over 80,000 people, and, oh yeah, NFL football.

What should you do before the game? Tailgate. Join the party in the parking lot, where Cowboys fans are grilling hamburgers and drinking beer long before the game starts. (You’ll need a parking permit.)

NBA Tickets: Dallas Mavericks

For years the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA have been led by Germany’s own Dirk Nowitzki, one of the greatest basketball players ever by any measure. As Nowitzki ages out of the league, the team is in a state of transition, but the Mavericks always have a competitive team thanks to an elite coach and their owner’s commitment to winning.

You may have heard of the Dallas Mavericks’ owner: Mark Cuban, the business titan and costar of TV show “Shark Tank.” Cuban likes to sit courtside at the games wearing a Mavericks jersey and occasionally screaming profanities at the referees. Courtside Dallas Mavericks tickets aren’t cheap, so unless you have a Texas-sized sports tickets budget you won’t be sitting next to Cuban. But Cuban was one of the first NBA owners to really prioritize the spectator experience and add all kinds of in-game entertainment, so the American Airlines Center is like a party when the Mavericks play and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Unlike the Cowboys’ stadium, American Airlines Center is close by downtown Dallas. Stop in one of the many nightlife spots after the game to unwind, or to keep the party going.

NHL Tickets: Dallas Stars

Believe it or not, they have professional ice hockey in Texas too. The Dallas Stars of the NHL share the American Airlines Center with the Mavericks. Dallas Stars tickets don’t just get you out of the heat – NHL games are fast and furious (with occasional fistfights between the players), and hockey fans are usually the loudest when it comes to U.S. sports fans.
Snag some Dallas sports tickets for an American sports experience unlike any other.

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