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US Sports Tickets is the preferred choice for leading travel providers such as Keith Prowse Travel and Infinity Holidays, enabling travellers visiting the USA to get tickets to the full range of iconic sports. No trip to America is complete without US Sports Tickets!

At this time USSPORTSTICKETS.COM only serves customers from Australia and New Zealand, transacting in Australian Dollars. We apologise for the inconvenience to any visitors to our site from other countries.


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Brand USA is the destination-marketing organisation for the United States. The new visittheusa.com.au website features vibrant videos and loads of content. Travellers can swipe through to explore itineraries that start in gateway cities, such as New York, LA or San Francisco, and end up somewhere new and exciting five hours away. These expanded itineraries help travellers understand how many unique destinations and attractions they can experience in a single trip to the United States.